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Any way of removing co pilot/ passengers?


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Some freeware aircraft have a co pilot and some even have passengers. Obviously if I stick to the 2D cockpit that's not a problem. But to be honest I really don't like them. They break the immersion for me. Unlike the often beautiful scenery and clouds there's no way I can be convinced that they look life-like. And they're a tad creepy in my opinion too. Imagine being in a real plane with mannequins as your passengers. Just the knowledge that they're there is a little spooky and distracting.


I realise that developers add them "because planes really do have them" and I appreciate the work done, but this flier is a solo only guy!;)

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Oh lots of aircraft. The freeware Alphasim ones often have them in bombers and two seaters. One particularly grating one for me was the De Havilland Dragon Rapide. A beautiful prewar light airliner that is little represented in the mod community. I managed to find a very fine freeware version. The plane and panels are beautiful, but if I look behind me the passengers look like a bunch of football supporters back from the pub. :(
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Google Virtavia's web site and go there. Look for their freeware downloads and you'll find the B-52 G and H models for FS2004 or FSX (as scenery objects).


The B-52 package has a set of alternate textures that gets rid of the co-pilot by "painting him out".


You should be able to use a similar approach with your aircraft but you may need to use a texture viewer to find the right things to edit.

Look around for Martin Wright's DXT to BMP program for this task. :cool:


One caveat, this only works IF your co-pilot uses textures. All you're really doing is painting the co-pilot textures a solid "0,0,0" black (aka clear) with a similar "0, 0, 0" black alpha channel (aka transparent). If your co-pilot is an actual 3D object (some FS 2004 and FSX aircraft use stand-alone 3D human figures) you're kind of stuck with what you've got unless the author decides to change it.

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Yes I agree, painting the copilot textures with a black 0,0,0 alpha channel may make them transparent. But only for some.


That gives me an idea.

With Halloween coming up next month.....


GHOST COPILOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:


Not fully transparent but mostly transparent.




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I often like the copilots. My Piaggio P.149 has a super hot Italian woman sitting next to me. Good thing my wife has never met her! I imagine her saying, with a sexy Italian accent "Oh, I piss on that controller and his stupid clearance. I want to go that way! (pointing). There's a lovely cafe, with spumoni..."


And the Hondajet also. She's not so good looking, has a big nose. But she winks at me, and holds her hand over the mike while she arranges a hot tub party at the destination. There's a cabin attendant, but she must be ugly as she never shows her face.



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