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P3d newbie question


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Hi guys new here! I just downloaded p3d v4.3. I was wondering what is the best overall AI traffic to download? Also what is a great aircraft design to download first? Don’t care for the Lockheed airplanes. Thank you and happy to be here!


As for `best` overall AI traffic, you'll have to be much more specific I'm afraid. What are you looking to do, have a a mix of GA types, populate airports with `genuine` aircraft, have a world of realistic military aircraft or have the correct civil aircraft flying correct routes?

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GA and civil flying and populating airports



1: Free: Turn up the sliders for AI in sim. Quick and easy. Don't go to 100% on any slider. Doesn't cost anything, except FPS.

2: MyTraffic 6 is said to work with 4.3

3: Just Flight has Traffic Global

4: ORBX/FTX has free upgrade for GA aircraft throughout the USA.https://orbxdirect.com/product/aitraffic-naga-p3dv4. Only works if you have FTX scenery upgrades


Just those few could keep you busy for months.

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Also consider Ultimate Traffic Live - That's a pretty god one. As far as aircraft - A2A and PMDG are excellent. You have Carenado, Milviz, Majestic - there are quite a few very good payware addons and a good selection of freeware. The Manfred Jahn's C47 among them.


Enjoy - and if you are coming from FSX - you do NOT need endless tweaks to make P3D work well - just adjust your settings and go from there.



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