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F-22 Raptor Test Flight.


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The F-22 Raptor is probably my favorite fighter jet in FSX. However, I have found the elevator and ailerons to be a little bit overly sensitive, and that I was over controlling it. This is not good, not even for a World Famous Ace and Hot Pilot, such as myself. And so, I took a few minutes time today to tweak some of the control surface throws. I reduced the effectiveness of my elevator and ailerons, and increased the effectiveness my rudder for better ground handling.


I then took a short test flight from JFK over to LaGuardia in New York City, and it worked out very well. I have enclosed a few pics and video of what is now a very smooth flying bird, and my World Famous reputation has been restored and maintained. :) - Jim


Video >>>>




Happiness is FSX Steam and Windows 7 . :)
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Jim, sometimes you got to just stroke these girls the right way to get them to behave the way you like! OOPS, I really do need to be careful what I say anymore! That's one thing I liked about getting old, you can most generally get away saying things you couldn't get away saying when you were younger!


Anyway, Girls, relax!:rolleyes: We are talking about the girls that we fly and enjoy! You wonder why we spend so much time at the desk?


Nice bird, Jim, take care of her!


Rick :cool:

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I fly the same jet all the time, but I modified my cockpit and used jet sounds from a Mitsubishi something or other that was real jet sounds for that plane. The F-22 aliases with the Lear 45 which I thought was garbage.


Here's me trying to land at Myrtle Beach South Carolina during the recent hurricane Florence.




I haven't touched the control mechanisms like you have. I think in real life it's that saensitive. I've become accustom to it thus far. It's really easy to catch up to, and pull along side an AI. I did this all the time in FS2004 with the AlphSim F-22. You can see that here: https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?312831-Found-an-old-gem-I-thought-YouTube-removed!

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As far as tweaking the controls is concerned, I usually check one or more real life videos of the plane I want to modify. That gives good hints to the sensivity :pilot:
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