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Returning to flight


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After many years, I'm finally in a position to return to flight simming. I did try FSX when it first came out but wasn't really a fan. I had FS2004 and a large amount of add-ons from Just Flight, especially the scenery.


I plan to build a new system specifically for flight sim but here are my concerns -


do I build a system for FS2004?,

do I build one for FSX and can I use my FS2004 add-ons?

or do I build a system for something like Prepar3d?


I used to love flying a Chipmunk around VFR and flying to various RAF Airfields with Just Flight's C-130.


Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Any system you build for FSX or P3D will run FS2004 just great. Just remember the usual warnings - install using the Custom option to install into a folder outside of any Program Files folder, and follow the advice on many sites about how to get FS2004 to start up since the "disc 4" procedure no longer works. Here's one:




Hope this helps,

Tom Gibson


CalClassic Propliner Page: http://www.calclassic.com

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