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I finally got some time to test the most advanced DC-10 simulation for FS9 (and maybe even FSX), released a month ago by HJG. I never thought this old sim platform will ever get a proper DC-10 simulation, but it just did now, the best FS9 DC-10 to date arrived some 15 years after FS9's launch. ;) The 3D models are the old ones by Erick Cantu, only slightly modified by HJG. The panels include previous work by other authors, but everything else (panel systems, programming and other panel components, FDE, sounds etc) is brand new, multi-year, intense, expert HJG work.




Image 005.jpg


Image 009.jpg

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The Singapore livery is a great one. Cantu is the one who made the 737-200 I tweaked. I looks like he is crafting good planes? :pilot:
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