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Flying up the Hudson River.


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I took the B-50 Super Fortress for a short flight up the Hudson this morning. The B-50 was a post war modified B-29 with more powerful engines, and a larger fin and rudder. I split a short video into both a Takeoff, and separate Landing, to eliminate mid-flight boredom. :)


The takeoff was from JFK Intl, and the landing was at Stewart Intl. The first photo shows me turning North and flying up river.


The second photo shows me approaching the Newburg Notch, with the West Point Military Academy on the high left bank. That notch in the river is one of the narrowest parts in the lower Hudson river, and when General George Washington commanded the fort at West Point, he had his troops string a heavy chain across the river, to prevent British ships from traveling North, and getting behind him .


The next 2 photos just show me performing a fair enough landing, and taxiing into Stewart.




Takeoff Video >>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5uN8swq_uI



Landing Video >>>>




B 50 1.jpg

B 50 2.jpg

B 50 4.jpg

B 50 3.jpg

Happiness is FSX Steam and Windows 7 . :)
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Jim - When I was much younger, I rented a Cherokee 180 from an FBO on Westchester County airport, and I flew up the Hudson, just a sight seeing thing for me and a friend of mine. It didn't look nowhere near what you flew up the Hudson! I bet the residents from all around could hear you coming!

Very nice! Rick :cool:

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Fantastic big-prop pics and vids Jim, great stuff my friend! :cool::cool::pilot:


Thank you my very wise friend. You are the most intelligent, handsome, modest and humble nobleman that I have ever known.



The World Famous GBJim ...... Pilot Extraordinary.


Happiness is FSX Steam and Windows 7 . :)
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Hi Folks,


Beautiful pix - reminds me of a day a few years back - standing on the ferry pier waiting for the ferry to Hoboken to catch my train - nice day like in your presentation - when all of a sudden I here the familiar drone of radial engines - quick look up river shows the silhouette of a B-17 in the distance to the north - he’s less than a thousand feet in the VFR corridor for a trip around the lady - the strangest part - I look around and nobody else notices it - I find it unbelievable and thinking to myself you people don’t know what you’re missing - New Yorker’s - go figure... Made my day...






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