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Scenery and Plane Add-Ons?


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As Martin mentioned the acft designed specifically for XP11 will Not be backward compatible, in particular the ones that LR and the developers that design by the latest standard / requirements.

Some of the older planes developed for XP11 by the the free developers may work in previous versions like XP10, you can try but I think it's best to just consider that they will not work.

In addition some of the scenery, like the tiles developed by using the the Ortho4XP, that worked in XP11.20 do not work properly in XP11.26 and up, like the areas where the tiles join and some objects will load and show up differently.

It is best, until LR settles down, gets done with the beta updates for version .30+ to keep an older version that you know it works, in my case I use 11.20, and create another location for testing updates. From what I can find out 11.20, or before, is no longer available to go back to. I hope LR will give users the options to go back to older versions if they want. They used to do it, if anyone knows of a source for ver 11.20 or older post the URL. Thanks

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Guest lavochkin


Why do you still post in X-plane forum? You do not like x-plane. This is first positive post about x-plane I have seen.


X-Plane 11 is the future of Flight Simulation. ROCKS!!!

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Hi Lavo.

I am not sure you understand what the purpose of the boards are. To post real information, answers to the questions of the posters that you know pertinent information about, not personally attack someone, or try to side track a tread.

As to the my liking one sim or another, you are incorrect, I like and have used just about every sim since 1976. For me a sim is a tool to use in Real world flying, not a cult. If I see something that can be improved I expect people that are serious, and are in a position to do it, to improve it rather than just talk about things they do not know about it.

To the original poster, if you need more details about the scenery, like the Ortho4XP and the the design / compatibility issues of the acft, post here, all I can say that these are problems that I, and others know about about. You can see the attached pic about some of the scenery problems that exist in XP1130b2.

To the people that want / tend to want and overlook all the problems of some specific sim, you are not doing anyone, including the developers, any favors. If you don't know what you are talking about let others, that know what they are talking about, and want to make sims better tools, help you.



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Hi Lavo and everyone.

For everyone. I would suggest that you investigate read and ignore some of the fanatics statements posted by some people that have no real knowledge and just want to spend time harassing others.

Again I will tell you that the Scenery and the Acft in the newer version of XP, specifically in the 1130Bx, are less compatible not only with older versions like XP10 but also with the previous releases within XP11 like 1120. My suggestion is to keep an older version that you have working now and wait until the actual release or be prepared to deal with issues that you may not want to deal with in the 1130 versions.

After an initial denial of some of the problems presented / posted, the developer has verified, accepted and taken steps to correct them. This is a good thing, and even having to put up with some harassment from others make the effort worthwhile, in my opinion.


To Lavo, and others that are not interested in facts, and just want to use this board as conduit to free advertising, I suggest you buy some adds from this site and this way you can post whatever "Truth" you may want, without anyone being able to post the real Truth.



I got a reaction. Made my day.

I can not imagine what type of life you are living, if that made your day. I feel sorry for you.

After seeing your last post I am sure you are not interested in sims, or real facts, just in harassing people.

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