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FSX default 737/FMS vs X plane 11 default


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I'm not quite sure where to post this, so I'll start here and a mod can move it if need be.


I'm OK in FSX using the GPS for flights, using the flight planner and interacting with the sometimes problematic ATC. Back when I had (I think.) FS 2002 I had a payware aircraft with a working FMS, which I was able to use, though it was somewhat awkward for me.


I thought I'd like to try it again, but in the default FSX 737 the FMS seems to be inop, I can't get it to wake up. Maybe there's a button somewhere, but maybe it really is inop… I thought about buying a payware aircraft for FSX, but then I thought maybe I've thrown enough $$ at FSX, and I should try something else. X plane 11 looks pretty good, and I think some of the default aircraft already have a working FMS. Also, in FSX, even if I get a payware aircraft with FMS, I'm not sure what kind of scoldings I might get from ATC.



- Ted

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If you're looking for a realistic FMC in a 737, then check out the PMDG 737NGX. Watch some of the YouTube videos and you might be pleasantly surprised.


You don't want to mess with FS' default junk except the Cessna. The Lear 45 is alright, but it too lacks a lot, including the FMC. I am searching for a good FMC myself for my planes that can use the nav data from Navigraph. I'd like to use my F-22 Raptor in VATSIM, but with just a GPS I can't fly height and speed restrictions and crossing a transition, etc. There is VasFMC, but I have yet to mess around with it.


As far as I'm concerned, if a payware plane that in real-life has a FMC, then it sure should have one in the payware aircraft.

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