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Embraer A-29 Super Tucano for X-Plane 11


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More info from you needed but you can look at the XP version you are running vs. what version that plane was designed for, they tend to be incompatible between versions.

If you can download the most recent version of the plane and hope that it will work with the XP version you have.

If you post more info, about versions, XP and the plane, you actually are using someone may be able to test and duplicate the issue.

Typically the prop is a .png file that you can try to modify an or try to disable by changing the .png extension to see what file is causing the problem. You should get an Error during loading if the plane is designed to work with the XP11 ver 11.20 or later.

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I just bought the Super Tucano but the FMC is off when all systems are on, how can I fix this issue?




Hi Mario, did you get the black screen fixed. I just purchased this add-on and have same problem.

Shouldn't have to deal with this type of issue if it's paywave should we. Can't seem to get any type of feedback from author, not recommend add-on to anyone else looking at purchasing.

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