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Getting aircraft to use parking code


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I never had this trouble in FS2004, but I edited the FSDreamTeam airport KLAS's parking for the Janet terminal in ADE using the parking code JAN and my Janet planes don't park there. The aircraft.cfg has the JAN parking code. I see that the aircraft is parked near there but not at the terminal like it should. The parking order is like 3 on up for the Janet terminal and where the Janet was parked was like 45. So that doesn't make any sense. What am I doing wrong?
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The parking radius of the gate should match or be greater than that of the aircraft. If that's the case, maybe the parking code is incorrect?

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I forgot to update this post last night. It was indeed the parking radius. I tested this three times.


Pisses me off with FSDreamTeam's KLAS. For one, the Janet terminal doesn't have parking codes of at least JAN or JNT. So your Janet A/C won't park there. To make matters worse, for some reason those parking spots are smaller than what the other ramp spots are. So in fact my Janet plane couldn't even park there. And this is a standard 737-600.



The other issue is that at runway 19R and 19L the start location is too far away from the hold short node. Because of this AI won't take off. They'll sit at the hold short node until they disappear. I've brought this up at the FSDreamTeam forum and it fell on deaf ears apparently because I just ran their updater and nothing in the AFCAD was changed. Never the less I finally got ADE to work and I edited all this crap. :D


Getting ADE to work was another chore. Turns out your FSX Deluxe SDK isn't good enough. Noooo... you have to install the UPDATED SDK called SP1a. Little did I know, and after all this time I thought it was my computer. Was one of the reasons why I reinstalled my OS last year. Ugh.


In case anyone wants to know where that SDK is at, don't depend on the "FIX IT" button in ADE to help you. It just takes you to a dead Microsoft web page. The SP1a SDK can be found at the AVsim library. Not sure if it's here or not, but my Google search found it there.

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