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Visual approach procedure.


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I am not sure about the procedure of a visual approach. Can someone please tell me how to DO a visual approach from top of descent and what is expected to be said from atc.


Can you please tell me ANYTHING about a visual approach?

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A visual approach just means you are flying it by eyeball, instead of by the gauges, just as if you were VFR, except you are still IFR (R=Rules). There's no approach plate or other written procedure to give you any specifics. But it is just another type of IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) approach, but under VMC (Visual Meteorological Conditions).


Here's the relevant paragraph from the AIM (Aeronautical Information Manual):


5−4−23. Visual Approach

a. A visual approach is conducted on an IFR flight

plan and authorizes a pilot to proceed visually and

clear of clouds to the airport. The pilot must have

either the airport or the preceding identified aircraft

in sight. This approach must be authorized and

controlled by the appropriate air traffic control

facility. Reported weather at the airport must have a

ceiling at or above 1,000 feet and visibility 3 miles or

greater. ATC may authorize this type approach when

it will be operationally beneficial. Visual approaches

are an IFR procedure conducted under IFR in visual

meteorological conditions. Cloud clearance requirements

of 14 CFR Section 91.155 are not applicable,

unless required by operation specifications.


You can find the AIM at the FAA's web site.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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If you want, I can do a quick video with my F-22 and show you how it's done. It's like as stated, all eye ball and pretty much dead reckoning. I'm not a real life pilot, but I can give you tips on how to do it with the Sim and the crapy default GPS. LOL I use the GPS as an augmentation for flying VFR. In real life you'd probably use a NDB or VOR. Or in fact maybe not since the idea of a visual approach is sight only much like taking a Cub out in Alaska and just taking off and landing damn near everywhere up to and including highways.


If you'd like me to do a video, which airport should I use?

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