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A330 add-on


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There is the payware Black Box Simulations A330 'Prologue'. You should be aware that the 'prologue' bit of its name refers to the fact that it is basically sold an 'early access' release rather than as a completed product. This has come in for some criticism over the years because it's been like that for ages and whilst every once in a while an updated patch version is released, it's really about time it got to being a completed product. Having said that, it is certainly flyable and usable, with most systems modeled and working reasonably well and the 3D model is good too. So as long as one is aware of that, it's worth checking out, not least because you can download and install a fully functional time-limited demo version of it to find out for yourself whether it floats your boat, as is the case with all of the BBS product range, so you've really got nothing to lose in giving it a try to see if you do actually want to buy it.


For 29.99 Euros, you get four variants: A330-200, A330-200F, A330-300, A330-200 MRTT and three engine variants available; GE CF6, Rolls Royce Trent 700 and Pratt and Whitney 4168. As noted, the 3D model is pretty good both inside and out, which is the case with all of BBS's add-ons, although personally I think their A330 model sits ever so slightly too nose down when on the ground, not that this is terrible, but since I work on the real things on a regular basis, I noticed this was the case although to be fair I think most people probably wouldn't notice that unless they were very familiar with looking at the things on the ramp all the time.


As with all BBS add-ons, you get a very good (excellent in fact, probably one of the best there is) Pre-Flight Manager utility which will allow you to configure the aeroplane's fuel, cargo and passenger payloads in quite some detail and then dispatch it with a planner which allows you to configure the correct fuel load for the flight you wish to make. This is very detailed, allowing you to select fuel requirements for destination, plus alternate, plus taxi fuel, APU fuel, reserve fuel etc. The utility also makes it easy to download and install new liveries and register the product as well as find patches etc. Other developers could learn a thing or two from how good this part of the product actually is.


If you download the demo you can decide for yourself if you like it. Note that you need to have a key assigned to 'tailhook up/down' in your flight sim (shift+q is the default) so that you can toggle the nosewheel steering tiller otherwise you won't be able to turn it when taxying lol. Don't let that catch you out!


Although I have the FSL A320 for FSX and the new Aerosoft A318/319 for P3D, I still think the BBS Airbuses are worth a look and in spite of having those 'better' more expensive and flashier Airbuses, I do still like the BBS Airbuses which is I bought all of them: A320, A321, A318, A319, A330 and A340. They do manage to convey that 'point where you want to go' feeling of 'flying on rails' which the real Airbus has thanks to its fly by wire systems, and that makes them pretty easy to fly manually and quite convincing for a PC-based flight sim add-on which costs about the same as a round of drinks in a pub.

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Hey simmers,


Can anyone reccomend an Airbus a330 add-on for FSX Steam?




You never mentioned if you are interested in Payware or freeware downloads. Also do you want virtual cockpits 3d or the standard 2d panel/cockpit? I prefer just the standard 2d panel/cockpit, but others out there, just have to have the virtual cockpits! It all comes down to personal preferences, what you would prefer looking at when flying.


I currently have 159 aircraft and none of them are payware. I started out downloading freeware and have ended up with some very nice aircraft. Yes, there have been a few that just didn't want to cooperate, and they got sent to file 13. Not a problem, move on to another download and check that for stability. It's up to you, I like the idea that if the download doesn't work out, I am not out any money, nor am I calling the seller trying to return the item for a credit/refund.


If you might be interested in a freeware download, let me know. I downloaded an Airbus A330-300, it offers 4 liveries: Airbus House Colors, Air Canada, Cathay Airlines and Scandinavian Airlines. Every so often I will go into my collection and clean out un-needed aircraft and in this case, I only have the Airbus House Colors left. The other 3 I deleted. The site will give you the original 4 that I started out with!


If you want to only to stick with payware I can suggest a few sites and other members might be able to chime in on where they are purchasing their payware downloads.


Let us know. When you open a thread in this forum, please provide as much information as you can and how that relates to your question or concern.


Let me know if you are interested in that freeware. I can send the file name to you by private message with some things to look for when downloading it. It is a nice download and the price is right!


Rick :cool:

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Hi again,


Thank you. I will be more exact next time. I certainly prefer 3D Cockpit. I am hust checking out the BBS add-on now. I actually come think if its possible to hook up a VR gaming helmet to the PC, like the Oculus Rift VR. If that works, it might give an awsome simulator experience - albeit only if managing e.g. the autopilot at the same time is possible. Think I will look into this.

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If you prefer a payware model that offers a 'simplified' experience, in terms of operation, you could look at the JustFlight Airbus Collection: Long Haul offering - see HERE - it offers both the A330 and A340.


There is also an expansion pack - see HERE - that adds the A330 freighter and tanker versions.


Additionally, they also have a standalone A340-500/600 product - see HERE.




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