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Buildings file ?


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I have too many of these huge cathedral type buildings scattered around & I'd like to get rid of them.

I'd be grateful if someone will tell me what file to remove that will do this.





This one's near the end of the main runway of small airfield in Cumbria.

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This looks like you have some kind of overall or local British landmark scenery installed. Is this (nice looking) cathedral still there after you've (temporarily) de-actvated your "small airfield in Cumbria" ? If not, then it must be part of the "small airfield in Cumbria" scenery itself.


Do you have a download file name for me, so that I can check it out myself ?




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This is object number 168 in the generic.bgl file, located in the FS9/Scenery/Generic/scenery folder.


If you back it up first (make a copy and rename it generic.bgl.orig), you could open this BGL file in ModelConverterX, click on the Scenery Objects Editor button (just to the right of the green arrows), scroll down to 168 and click on it (the cathedral should appear in the display), and then click Remove Object at the top of the tool. Then close the tool's window with the red X and use Export Scenery to export the file (overwriting the original BGL file). Export it as an FS9 BGL (in File Type drop down).


They will all be gone...

Tom Gibson


CalClassic Propliner Page: http://www.calclassic.com

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I accidentally found & installed the development release 5 hrs ago into a friend's machine as he wanted to get rid of the monstrous churches. As soon as I started using it I could see version 1.3.0 was no good & it was the newer edition that has the remove object button...................
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