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Ouch! What happened to my sim objects folder?


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Just wanted to share with you, my BIG BLUNDER last evening. I was in the process of reorganizing some of my aircraft files and somehow, I managed to hit two computer keys (I think) and when I went to go to Sim Objects, there is NO folder! I knew then that I definitely hit the keys wrong. I went to a program that I recently purchased Ccleaner, open that up, went to Registry section, and there is all my FSX SimObjects files waiting for the final erasure! I kept my composure, not ready to freak out, just yet. Definitely did not proceed with Ccleaner!!!! Back in Feb, I wanted to give myself more protection than what I had. With the recommendation of several of the members here, I made the move to an External Hard Drive (Western Digital) and downloaded the Acronis Imaging software. I have been making backups with this new system, always wondering if it would ever work "in the time of need?" Well, last night i had that moment, now time to see if the backup system worked! I did go into the Acronis system to the area I normally do my backups, found a recovery button and went from there. The system asked me what I wanted to recover, I chose the Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects. Do you want to recover to your original location on your computer? "Oh, yes, PLEASE make this happen!"


Well, the system started, gave me a message calculating time for recovery, which it finally did, 13 minutes! The progress bar only went about 1/4 of the way and stopped. I bet I watched that bar for well over an hour! Finally, I clicked Task Manager and it told me that the download wasn't responding! Oh NO, what now! I exited the Acronis system thinking my recovery had failed. Went over to Ccleaner to see if my SimObjects files were still there for deletion and they were gone! Ut oh, I went back to explorer and opened my Flight Sim folder and EUREKA, my files had been restored back to normal!


I know this thread is long, but wanted to share with you my experience and now my satisfaction and confidence I feel having my external hardrive and Acronis. I had several members speak highly of this system. I think il88pp and CRJsimpilot were two of the ones I seem to remember recommending this. Thank you guys, you were right and now I definetly know the system works!


I highly recommend this system and also the Ccleaner program I recently purchased. Both helped me in the recovery process last evening!


Thanks - Rick

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Glad that worked.

You had not emptied the recycle bin. So with the folder was still in recycle bin, you could have also restored it from there. Just double-click the "Recycle Bin" icon on your desktop. In there select the "simobjects" folder and click "restore to original location" at the top.


And, you can set CCleaner to not check the recycle bin for deletion of files.

In the "Cleanup" screen, on the left hand side, uncheck the chekbox for recycle bin.




btw, Acronis does backups, it seems like you used that. But Acronis also can create System Images.

I use mainly System Images. And when restoring Images, if restoring to drive C, that can only be done using the Acronis Boot Stick.


You can't restore Systme Images to C from Acronis within Windows, as the disk is in use. (restoring to a non-OS disk can be done from within Windows.) I don't know if that is also true for backups, but if it is it could be why the restoring stalled.

(Check if it really finished properly and restored it all. Check if the simobjects folder now contains everything, or just some of your aircraft folders and files.)

If you are missing files. And the simoblects folder is still in the recycle bin. Remove the 'restored folder by moving it to another disk or renaming it. (Do not send it to recycle bin as well!!!)

Then restore the one in the recycle bin.

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il - That's what it is strange, nothing ever went to the Recycle Bin, I looked, that would have been the easier fix! I never did see a Restore Folder?


I don't know if i ever deleted the folder or associated files. I think I deleted the registry only for SimObjects, if that is possible. All the files have been resurrected!


Oh well, it's back to normal, and I am pleased! - Rick

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The recycle bin normally has a set limit on how much it can 'store'. If you delete something that exceeds the size it will delete the files without placing them in the recycle bin.


The action is based on the size of what is currently being deleted and the space available in the bin.


For example, if your bin size is set at 40Mb...…


If the bin is empty and you delete a single file or a batch of files whose size totals 42Mb it/they will be deleted immediately.


If the bin is partially full, say with 30MB of data, and you delete files totalling less than 10MB they will get placed in the bin but it you delete files totalling more that 10MB they will get deleted immediately.


It may also be that the recycle bin has been set to automatically delete everything immediately


To check/change the settings right click on the Recycle bin icon and select properties. The resulting window will allow you to make changes to how the bin functions.




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