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For Sale: Flight Illusion GA gauge set


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I'm moving from a cockpit to the next, so I'm putting the current system for sale. Its a full build of Flight Illusion gauges:


- altimeter

- attitude

- turn&bank

- airspeed

- gyrocompass


- VOR1

- VOR2



- manifold press.

- IO card (Can handle 48 digital inputs, 36 digital

outputs and 8 analogue inputs)

- Collins radios (2 x COM, 2 x NAV, ATC)

- Interface (GPIO)


I want to sell the whole thing as a package. The units are located in Helsinki, Finland. I can do post or courier.


Price USD 2000/offer, plus delivery.




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The first thing you need to do is provide a photo or two of how the setup looks now.


I saw an attachment number on your post and clicked on it assuming that was the picture I was looking for. Sadly it was a dead link.

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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