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How to update scenery?


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I had a P3D v4.2 and now that v4.3 was released I updated the client and the content by uninstalling the old one and install the new one.

How to update the scenery to P3D v4.3?

Thank you very much

I mean this one:



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Same as the other two. Uninstall Prepar3d V4 Scenery and then run that installer. You will have to reinstall your add on scenery also.



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Reinstall all of them? I have a lot of addons.

It means i have to uninstall them before the update?


Depends. There is NO advantage to installing Scenery.msi for 4.3 except if the limited range of issues dealt with in the update affect you.


Do the limited range of issues dealt with in the update affect you?


If not, there is no need to install Scenery .msi unless you are doing a full reinstall. If you do you WILL find some scenery installed using the dll.xml method will remain installed; any installed using the `old` method of installing into the scenery folders and scenery .cfg WILL have to be re-installed and some (like ORBX) might need FTX Central v3 to be opened briefly or Migration re-run to do the updates.


Be more specific about the addons you're talking about and you might get a better answer.

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That's exactly why I'm not going to upgrade.


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Foolish. 4.3 is a simple upgrade of the Client .msi, with an option for the Content .msi if you want the `new` C130's (which are actually just ropey Captain Sim c130's modded for use in P3Dv4.3).


As neither Client NOT Content should have ANY bearing on addons. not ones that belong in P3D anyway...

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You should be here: https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/

4.3 runs great with a new install. Make a backup copy, and then reinstall the add-ons. It's much easier than spending hours trying to figure out why something doesn't work. I have alot of add-ons and it really didn't take alot of time to reinstall. Bite the bullet, I'm just say'in...Don


As I said earlier. It DEPENDS... On what you have installed, what you wish to reinstall, and how those addons were installed.


4.3 runs no better on a new install versus a partial install, and the `issues` which require a scenery reinstall hardly affect most users as indicated by the update:


Prepar3D Scenery

Fixes and Improvements

*Fixed scenery errors causing trenches to appear along Cyprus.

*Fixed elevation and exclusion issues at YBUD.

*Fixed elevation issues in Guam.

*Added American Elm and Acacia mild winter SpeedTree variations.


As none of those affect my ability to use the sim and I have no use for SpeedTrees I took the view that Client and Content were sufficient. I advise others to take the same view.


If there are other advantages to the Scenery install you should stipulate what you think they are. Update can wait for my next six monthly reinstall, by which time the next or subsequent update might include more substantive elements for scenery.

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