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Integrated Sim Avionics ISG panel for default FSX Lear 45


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My favorite aircraft is the Lear 45. I have recently installed the ISG1 gauages set and i found a retrofit panel.cfg in their library by E.Alston:






However, this panel does replaces the default guage that indicates engine power, flaps setting etc... (i don't know the name) with a navigational display. Although it is a nice ND, the user has no way of knowing the current flaps, engine, spoilers, etc... setting the plane is at. There is another one by David Wilson-Okamura that has both of these guages:




But this one is for FS9 and doesn't work in FSX. Does anyone know where i could find such a panel ?

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CapnNate - If you don't find it on this site's library, try simviation! I have had good luck with that site for panels. They have many FSX panels, you might get lucky and find what you are looking for!


One thing you need to know, the site doesn't help much in the ways of narrowing search criteria. If you tried to narrow the search for Lear 45 panels, you might get very little to show and the returns will not show panels for a Lear 45.


I have had better luck just opening the section for FSX panels and just going page to page until I found what I was looking for. Mind you, there are many pages of panels, you just have to be patient!


Good luck - Rick :cool:

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Thanks for that Downwind66! I have actually searched all over including simviation. Like you said, i was discouraged seeing that the search mechanism on there was not very specialized/specific. I will give it a fresh look with your recommendation!
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