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New scenery files in Win7


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I am having major problems installing scenery in FS2004 / Windows 7

I have read all the threads re the bug that makes it necessary to double click etc,s, but that is not my issue I follow the instructions in the text doc, but they do not appear in the folder I send them to, actually a few do but the majority appear to disappear, I have tried Add it Pro but this does not make any difference, I have tried changing the target folder, and it tells me everything is installed, but when I start Fs there is no sign of the download anywhere, any one any thoughts please.

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** Installation **

1) Unzip the entire contents into your addon library.


2) Activiate in FS9 and find the library which is called Elstree_EGTR.


3)Also copy the content of "place_in_FS9root_scenery_world folder into FSrootfolder/scenery/world/scenery folder.


You will also need to install libraries files:






rwytxi.zip (NAV2 version) and



You stated that you followed the README instructions and they did not appear in the folder you sent them to.


One file to your FS9/Scenery/World/Scenery folder and the 2 folders (Scenery and Textures) I would then place together into a folder called Elstree and then place that into FS9/Addon scenery folder. Adding that scenery from Settings/Library of the Sim.


Now the fun of adding all of those library objects. Now is it a question of lost folders or not adding the scenery through the Sim's library?


I've either had too much coffee or not enough:rolleyes:

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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