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Rudder not working right in flight


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I've seen simlar posts but none is answering my question. FSX has been fine for years. Suddenly my rudder gets kind of stuck in flight. It works fine on ground but as soon as I get airborne with any plane the rudder movement is reduced to maybe 5% of normal and I can hardly fly coordinated turns using my pedals let alone do aerobatics where I need an 'independent'r rudder.


Thought of the yaw-damper but that's not the case. If I turn that on in an aircraft with damper the rudder movement dies completely. Problem is, it is now extremely reduced only during flight. Did I use any silly key-combination and turned anything weird on???


FSX acceleration gives me some problems. Everything fine except for that the buttons for operating the winch on the Augusta don't work although I assigned them properly in the menu..... Don't know is this is linked to my rudder problem...


Any ideas?

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If that keystroke doesn't work, there is a menu selection to turn autocoordination off, which I think (apparently Kevin does too) is your problem.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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I now have it where rudder yaw right or left won't work in helicopters no matter what button I try mapping it to. For helicopters I perfer a seprate control methood other than turning the stick back & forth. I plan to eventually get rudder pedals so for now I'm ether stuck with the rudder stick control or what eever I have it mapped to. Cpuld it be the control mapping is confusing rudder with tail rotor and treats them as two separate things because of bad programing on Microsofts end?
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