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X-plane for NDB practice


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Hi all,


I'm doing my instrument rating and wish to use XPlane to practice NDB based holds and approaches.


My real world aeroplane is Garmin G1000 equipped, I'm trying to find third-party software aircraft that has this capability (my Albeo DA42 is otherwise excellent but has no NDB support frustratingly!)


Can anyone offer advice please?





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Hi Air.

The C172 steam, and Float, Baron C58 have functional ADFs. There were some C182RG, Lancair, and Glasair that had / have ADFs but I am not sure if they are functional, many of the old gauges are no longer working in XP11..

If you do not have an ADF in your bird you will not be asked to demonstrate that procedure, but you may be asked what the basic track, home.. if you get an old DPE, but it's definitely good to know how to do them. There are private airports that is the only approach they have available.

Any one of the above will give you all the practice / learning you need. Fun approaches, and it takes good instruction / instructor to teach you to be good at it.

Read as much about it as you can and make sure you understand the nuances of each phase, Homing is easy but not very efficient. Intercepting and tracking in windy conditions can be fun.

Good luck.

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