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Beware with ACE


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Hey, dear Simbuilders and Prosim Users.


I come to you after an unfortunate situation I am experiencing with a company I thought was my best option for purchasing flight controls and rudder pedals for my Boeing 737 NG Simulator. I decided to go for Aircraft Controls Engineering, best known as ACE. Their products were looking good and I decided to try them.


I placed my order for a dual flight control system and rudder pedals for my sim on January 2017 with a 3 month payment that I did with a really big effort of a whole year of work, worth around $5,600.00 USD, not a penny though.


Payment was completed by late April 2017. Everything was looking good.


By June I started to guess when I will be getting my products and I was told by Darryl Sheppard that the yokes and pedals were almost done and ready for shipping. The story continued until November when the yokes were still almost ready for shipping.


By early 2018 on January, I could talk to Ali (ANWAR MUHAMMAD HAROON) who runs the company and was told by him that the company was involved in a scam, loosing a lot of money because of this. Told him that I understand his situation and suggest a plan of action. We agreed to have a due date 1 month later (by late February) for the flight controls and rudders to be done otherwise he would reimburse the money invested.


To this date I have not received any reimbursement and communications with him is very difficult and unclear.


I decided to bring the case to court because this kind of person does not deserve to scam anymore good people. I was very open to resolve this issue the best friendly way, but taking advantages over people that gives you open arms to resolve the matter on the best way and getting nothing in return, does not deserve to be out there doing this to someone else.


I approached to the Consumer Protection of Canada (where the company is based) to get some help about the case, and they didn´t get any response from the company. Because of this, now ACE is listed on the Consumer Beware List.


You can confirm that accessing on this link: http://www.consumerbeware.mgs.gov.on.ca ... i=0&page=1


I am really telling you to STAY AWAY FROM ACE and their products, because one day you will be in my same situation if something wrong goes with the company, because there is no support and no interest in customers.


If you had experience any problems with ACE, please contact me.




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