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PLEASE HELP! I cannot edit BGL file and edit/delete a building


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How can I edit/remove a building from a scenery which IS NOT default! I tried ADE 175 it says that BGL cannot be processed..bla...bla...bla...it will be stripped and so on...😡 I am very frustrated. There is anyone who has a clue, what a heck is going on??
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It's a more complicated story that you may think. There are several ways to add buildings to FS9, and some are difficult to work with. Removal is usually not too hard.


1. Added as a library object. A library object is contained inside a library BGL file, and contains only the model itself. Another BGL file is required to actually place the object. This type of object can be edited with Instant Scenery. It can be removed using ADE by placing a small Exclude rectangle (button with a yellow square) around the building, using either Exclude All or Exclude Library Object. Note that the resulting BGL file must be put in a higher scenery layer than the placement BGL file (in the Scenery Library).


2. Added as a locked library object. Many default objects specific to a certain area are so placed, like the custom airport terminals, and even most generic terminals. Most landmarks are so placed. These can be removed using ADE using the method in #1. To use these elsewhere requires either the GeoLock program




or decompiling and recompiling as an unlocked library object.


3. Added as an MDL file to the main airport file. ADE and AFX can do this, I believe. These can be removed using the method in #1. These are typically difficult to edit, and often require decompiling and recompiling.


Hope this helps,

Tom Gibson


CalClassic Propliner Page: http://www.calclassic.com

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