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A340 Panel Problem in the Radio


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Hi all.

I just downloaded a new panel for my A340s on FS2004 (the Ken Mitchell one). Everything seemed perfect, but when I wanted to check the radio frequencies (the numbers in green) there just aren’t there. All screens supposed to show the frequencies (110.30 and every other) are in black. I can’t see which frequency I am at, and I can’t obviously make an ILS approach when landing, which is pretty annoying. I have downloaded the Ken Mitchell panels for A320 and A330 and didn’t have that issue.

If someone can help me, I’d really appreciate it.

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Okay, I see 2 panels on this site's library for Mitchell. As I don't know which one you downloaded, when you say numbers in green, I assume those are the green colored LED numbers which are suppose to appear in the appropriate frequency windows. When you say black, I assume that means the window area is black as if the radio unit does not have power? Is there an Avionics switch somewhere on that panel that needs to be turned on? Sorry I ask so many questions, but I am not familiar with Mitchell panels. One panel on the library does show pics of certain sections of that panel. If you have a file name, that might help me or anyone else that might want to help!



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