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Unlimited FPS and stutters


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Good morning all


I am in need of some advice. I have a modest system and have all sliders set at low to medium. When i set FPS to unlimited within fsx, and use Inspector to set IT at 30fps, i get good framerates but the sim stutters. When i lock FPS inside fsx at 31, i get much lower framerates, but almost no stuttering. What i of course would like to have is unlimited FPS without stutters. Do you guys have tips to achieve this? Maybe Inspector of cfg settings?




Windows 7 64 bit

8 GB of ram

I5 3570 3,4 GHz

Nvidia 750 GTX

Windows 7 and fsx on two seperate SSD


Fsx in dx10 setup



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Hageneez on your system the stutters is your video card choking in other words it cannot handle the texture update load being placed on it.


See the FSX Bible by NickN (google search) for your system, I highly recommend you download the information and read it carefully, it is correct and will get your system running sweetly.


Basically, you need to set 30 fps in system, have no DX10 selected. . You will not achieve unlimited frame rates, besides, as long as it is smooth unlimited frame rates is irrelevant. It is a32 bit system runinng on a 64 bit processor.


I have mine locked at 22 and it runs smooth in all regimes, except when autogen such as big cities or heavy cloud slows it down but it is only temporary and does not bother me at all. The other thing FSX will not run flawlessly all the time and there will always be little glitches.

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I am in need of some advice


It seems to me you have rediscovered the reason FSX has a frame limiter. In my experience, reinstall FSX and change nothing beyond the Himem=1 fix in your config file. I bet this works better than any of the voodoo.




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Your computer is nowhere near powerful enough (if any computer is) to get unlimited frames all the time. Movies run at 24 fps, TV in the U.S. is 30 fps (25 fps many places), and there's not really a need for unlimited -- the eye can't process that much anyway. The adjustments in FS are there for a reason, so that most folks can find a configuration that is usable.


Turn off your frame rate counter and make various adjustments until you have a fairly smooth picture, perhaps initially limiting frames to 25 fps, or so, then reducing your sliders until you get reasonable operation. I'd suggest staying away from the larger cities if you want smooth. My 8 year old system runs 30 fps most places, but near the larger cities it starts approaching a "slideshow" -- you will have to accept compromises of many sorts.


You might make note, too, that the more frames the system creates in a given time, the less time it has to work on loading textures, mapping textures to the scenery and other work it needs to do, so limiting FPS gives the sim more time to do other chores -- it's doing a LOT of stuff in there, in addition to displaying your pictures.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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