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Logitech Dual Action gamepad mapping for FSX helicopters


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I don't have the Logitech, but it's the same layout as a Xbox 360 controller. This works well for me for everything in the hanger, including helo's.




Ailerons/Elevators/Cyclic to left joystick axis (also when pushed Gear Toggle Button #7)

Rudder/Anti-torque pedals to L/R trigger axis (underneath)

Views Pan to right joystick axis (also when pushed Cycle Views Button #8)

View Zoom to Button #3 and #1

Flaps to Button #12 and #13

Propeller Pitch to Button #14 and #15 (needed to fly Virtavia OSPREY/Wilco Tilt Rotor)

Throttle/Collective to Button #4 and #2

Differential Braking to Button #5 and #6

Parking Brake to Button #10

Engine Auto Start to Button #9

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