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I've been looking at Simbrief and noticed it uses airac cycle 1703 which is a little more than 1 yr old and can be updated with a subscription. Inasmuch as flight plans can be exported to the correct fsx flight sim directory am I correct in assuming that the navaids showing in my default gps are from the navigraph data ? I was thinking this was a way of dealing with the outdated fsx navaids.
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There are waypoints in the fsx scenery files.


The default gps displays those waypoints. (and for example ADE does as well).


Navigraph does not install such waypoints in the scenery.

Navigraph only updates what is in the fmc of (payware) planes.


Changing the scenery waypoints to match the fmc can be needed. (meaning having to edit airports with ADE, and editing en route waypoints, etc.).


basically, after a navigraph update the FMC matches the real world. But the fsx scenery does not get updated, and does not match real world.


Using the update mentioned below will update navaids. But then navigating with default Gps, or flightplanning with default fsx flightplanner may/will not work well any more.


And I think uninstalling that navaid update is very very tricky. Don't dive in too fast. And make very good backup in advance if/when you do this.

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The outdated navaids in your FSX can be be updated with http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html

for your GPS build in navaids FSX etc. Navigraph doesn't do anything with the default navaids in FSX.



I tried that website some time ago and it messed up my gps. The magenta lines disappeared. I was told that this was a known problem and that using the default flight planner was probably the cause. Maybe if I don't use the fsx default flight planner that might solve the problem.

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Sorry IMHO this is a cure in search of a problem. Though it isn't perfect or up to date I have found the default flight planner usually works very well doing what I need it to do.
Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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