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Pro Flight yoke System


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Full right, maximum sensitivity. ( off the top of my head).





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Correct! There is also a null zone setting. Make sure you turn it down to 0 until you find out what works for you.


Personally I run about 65% sensitivity on everything but the rudder. To get that to work correctly with many aircraft I set it at 100% However some aircraft with larger rudders require the 65% setting I use for pretty much anything else.

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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Should sensitivity sliders be to the left or right?


First of all you need to decide if the Sensitivity slider is relevant to the problem you are having. Look in your fsx.cfg to see what this parameter is set to:





If it is 1 or missing (1 is the default), the setting of the Sensitivity slider is not relevant. If it is 0, then you need to set your Sensitivity slider all the way to the right or change this parameter to 1. This is discussed in my





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