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XP 11 Newbie with scenery questions: World Traffic 3


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I'm a newbie to X-Plane and just installed version 11 on my Intel i5-based Fedora 28 Linux system (AMD Radeon RX570 GPU with 8GB, 16 GB system RAM, SSD disks). X-Plane installed painlessly and runs well, only crashing once when I tried to move the time slider in replay mode. My previous flight sim experience was limited to FSX on Windows, but as I am a Sysadmin by profession, I always wanted to get a sim running on Linux. So far I'm not disappointed. I don't yet own a nice yoke/rudder pedal setup so for now I'm making do with a game controller configured to handle control axes, throttle, elevator trim, brakes and views. I'm pretty pleased with the frame rate in windowed mode and overall stability of the program. (An early attempt using a cheap NVidia GPU with two GB VRAM was a disaster so I quickly sprung for the bigger, beefier RX570. I had to upgrade the power supply to 550W too, but that was expected.)


So on to my question: Is World Traffic 3 a good way to add more airport traffic to smaller airports? One thing I miss about FSX was the AI air traffic, as minimal as it was. So far in X-Plane I've seen one or two small planes departing busier airports like KSBA and KVNY. (Yes, I have the traffic settings and everything else view-related set to maximum.) I'm a real-life private pilot (PPSEL) and I mainly want to use the sim with the Cessna 172 SP for now, since that's about all I fly. I'm based out of Camarillo (KCMA) and I mainly stay in southern California. I'm just not interested in flying airliners or anything bigger than, say, a Beechcraft Baron so the small to medium size airports are all I want to visit.

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I ditched X-Life after a few months, for reasons I won't bother to explain in this reply (freeware, but it really didn't work, with all sorts of impossible liveries and aircraft turning up at local VFR airports for one things). Just my opinion...


I put off buying WT3 for some months (yet more stuff to set up pre-flight), but on the whole it is simple and works well. The glitches are being addressed by the designer...


WT3 has a separate slider for private traffic (or you can leave it on automatic). I just flew from Mykonos, and there was a c172 taxiing to the parking as I headed to the runway, so I'd say go ahead. I use Windows, but AFAIK, WT3 works fine with Linux?

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I have WT3 for Xp11, I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate.

I'm getting used to WT3 slowly but surely, I've only had it about a week, a few things I don't like about it, one is I have to reset the traffic every time I go on the sim, plus if I go to an airport there is no traffic because it needs setting, then there is the ground route setting, that needs to be done on each airport, once it's done it doesn't need doing again.

There is a Radar Screen and if you see an aircraft you are interested in and click on it, you can then follow it by selecting the Track button, this is good for watching the ai aircraft, but it only tacks it so far, once you get the boundary it vanishes and you are stuck in mid air.


Also there is a forum for WT to ask questions here:




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