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I Think I'm Ready to Scream

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I was just thinking today how far we've come. When I first started using MSFS, I could fit several aircraft onto a 3.5" floppy disk. Today I downloaded a 33MB aircraft, and it went instantly.


Then I tried to put that aircraft into the program. And I tried. And I tried. I cannot tell you how much time I spent tinkering with it, trying to get the thing to show up in the list, and it still isn't there!


Can someone tell me if there's an issue with the CFG info pasted below? I can't imagine there is.



title=Airbus A380-842 Lufthansa 2018 Livery








atc_id= D-AIMA

atc_airline= Lufthansa


ui_manufacturer= Airbus

ui_type= A380-841

ui_variation= Lufthansa

ui_typerole= "Commercial Airliner"

ui_createdby= "Airbus"

atc_parking_type= GATE

atc_parking_codes= DLH

description= Project Airbus A380-800\nRepaint by Phillip Hughes\n\nFeatures include dynamic wingflex (with input from several new variables), accurate LAF simulation, parallel bogies, drooping control surfaces, hardcoded double strobes, and over 40 other custom xml parts. Visit us at http://www.pairbus.com.


The file is dlh2018-d-aima.zip which just became available recently.

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Don't know if this will help, but I had a similar problem with an A2A C 182 Repaint. The line texture = line was the culprit. The texture folder was titled N*****_Used, the texture = line read texture=N*****

So I renamed the texture folder to the same as the texture= line and all was well. Apparently, if the texture folder name doesn't match what the texture= line reads, it won't recognize the aircraft and allow it to display. Hope this helped.

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That's a Good Question, There is a Folder titled [FSX Version] within the Original Folder [Project Airbus A380-842]


I Simply Copy pasted the Contents from the folder [FSX Version] into the Project Airbus A380-842] overwriting some fs9 files and it worked fine (Picture Below).


My [fltsim.0] Entry within the Aircraft.cfg matches the information you posted above so I don't think the entry is causing the Issue.



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