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Error 1607 installing FSX on Windows 10 from DVD


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Questions similar to this have been asked before, with no definite answer so...


Has anybody managed to install FSX on a Windows 10 from the DVD? Not the Steam Edition, but the original.


I downloaded and installed the FSX Demo onto the same Windows 10 machine with no problem, installing the full program from DVD always crashes with error 1607.


I've tried installing Direct X 9.0, but that didn't help.


Anybody succeeded with this?



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Mr Zippy, thanks, that's one of the few things I hadn't tried. So I attempted an uninstall and the Install Shield uninstaller froze at the end. After giving it a few minutes, I forced the PC to restart.


I then copied both FSX install disks onto the desktop and tried running the installer again. This time I got further but crashed with error 1628.


I tried again, this time running the installer in Windows 7 compatibility mode.


The install ran right to the end, then hung at the "Registering product information" stage.


After another forced restart of the PC, I checked in Prgram File x86/Microsoft Games and found FSX apparently installed.


So, I ran FSX. Got to the Activation screen and entered the product key. The thanks for activating message came up and then it sat there on the start-up screen for an hour. That's when I found a message saying FSX couldn't create a default cache folder (or something like).


I clicked "Abort", back to the Flight Simulator X folder to try running FSX in compatibility mode - and the folder had emptied itself. Nothing in there except a Fonts folder and a Uires folder and....


You're not going to believe this, but while I've been typing this post, it's all reappeared!


Now going to try running it again.


Thanks for the advice, which is the first thing that worked.


I'll post again if it runs OK this time.

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Well, scrap the last bit of the previous post. I was looking at the FSX Demo folder when I thought all the lost files had reappeared.


Anyway, long story short, I reinstalled FSX, running the installer in Windows 7 compatibility mode.


This time, after installation FSX didn't ask for the product key, so it must have successfully registered on the system at the first installation.


As of tonight it's all running OK.



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