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Scenery Problem

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Hay guys!



I have a problem.. (FSX:SE)


I can't find anywhere the options for this issue:







How in the name of the good Lord can I set the loading radius of ground- and AI-Objects like Boats and Aircraft to the maximum?

It scares the hell out of me when I'm in free flight and 100m in front of me appears an other plane in the sky, cause FSX loads it too late..

I hate it too as you can see in the screenshots, that ground-objects load WAY too late in a distance of ~100 / ~150m


NOW I need HELP! Any Ideas to get a higher loading-radius of that objects?



Thank you!

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In fsx settings reduce amount of scenery, autogen, ai, airport traffic, and land and sea traffic, reduce weather detail, and switch bloom and lens flare off. With less of that to do, the processor will have more time left over to display the aircraft in time.

This has nothing to do with reject radius etc. That is about seeing small details far in the distance.

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Thanks for the advice, but it hasn't to do with the loading time, the problem is the loading radius.. It seems like an option is set to load that stuff like airport vehicles only in a radius of a certain distance.

The vehicles disapear when I go away.. I try to make a little video to show...

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