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My FSX flies just fine...very smooth until I'm in the landing phase. Then on very short final I get random, intermittent stutters (one frame at a time). Any ideas???


ASUS 270 motherboard

I5-7600 Intel chip 3.80 Ghz

Nvidia GTX 750Ti

16 Gb memory

ASUS DVD read/write

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

Dell 24 inch digital monitor

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Hello ronsrubin,


Just speculating here on the possible cause since it is in the landing phase and not on touchdown. I wonder if it could be related to AI aircraft conflict or an AI traffic .bgl

If it were on touchdown I might think it related to a sound error.

Does it happen at any airport or one specific airport?


Cheers Jethro

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As Jethro mentioned, it could be the airport. Is it an add-on? Lots of details? Buildings, Static/AI aircraft, and so on.

Do you have the Ground Vehicles that run around the airport maxxed out? They really eat processor cycles.

Do you have the road vehicles turned way up? Try turning them down a bit.


Good luck! Maybe something in all this will help?



Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!

Sgt, USMC, 10 years proud service, Inactive reserve now :D

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Airport not properly optimised?


Sim not properly optimised?


Got a raggity old sound card?


For the first two, optimise the files according to the type of hard drive you have. It's not worth having the conversation until you tell us what that is...


For the last, first check the stutter is not related to the sound card by turning the sound off with the `Q` key in-sim. If that fixes the stutters check for updated drivers or reported problems with the sound card or driver set you are using.


If that's not it then review what background processes you have running that are unnecessarily impacting on your FS experience - usually but not limited to anti-virus or intrusive `protection` programs. FSX and any folders for addons in the sim should be checked for false positives, then excluded from any future checking.

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