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ORBX - EU Netherlands TrueEarth Released


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77gb is the install size, as the files are not very compressed. You do however need at least 160gb free at first for the install and the temp files, but after install is completed, the temp files are deleted and you end up with 77GB
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Currently I do most of my GA flying in an ORBX-enhanced France, into and out of the UK.


Our flying club does have members who fly into France regularly but also a surprising number who `go Dutch` for which we have a number of addons already installed on the club simulator which is kept up-to-date and currently at P3Dv4. With ORBX LC installed I resisted the temptation to use NL2000 which wasn't (at the time) suitable for P3dV4 and got quite a nice `look` to Holland, but nowhere near as specific as this!


77gb isn't that large against a 2 TB HDD, but does having it on HDD cause performance ramification against having it on SSD? I `offshore` the ORBX folder with a symbolic link but might it be better to have TrueEarth on the SSD?

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So, research indicates as the scenery acts like a `full fat` addon its better on SSD.


Looks like I need to invest in a dedicated SSD for ORBX `stuff`.


Here's a `catch you` to watch out for...

I looked at the requirements and the new FTX Central with its temporary file location option. Good for my offsite ORBX location to I specified a location on the D drive with more than 550 gb free. MORE than enough...?


Start the installation only to get a warning message via FTX Central that I've only got 69 gb free on my C drive and I need 77. Only option is to cancel the installation. So recognition of the D drive is meaningless. Must look at this or else it's useless to me on my specific setup with out that dedicated SSD...


If only FTX were as good as they like to think they are...

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