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Help wanted with build in North Chicago!


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Hi all!


I'm Alex, recently moved to Chicago for a new job. Unfortunately, this means I had to abandon my old setup, but the plans have already started for the new one. I'm looking for help cutting and constructing MDF in the next few weeks for the sim as I don't have anything in the way of tools or facilities to do it all myself. If you are interested (I can provide modest remuneration for your time and effort), PM me and I'll send you an email/text/call so we can meet up. Even if you are a new comer to flight sim or have no idea about flight sim at all (or family/friends/relatives are good with carpentry), no worries, drop me a line!

My old setup was basically a full cockpit without being fully completed, I'm looking to do a more professional job this time. It's using two computers running P3D multichannel, two large 55' screens for visuals, and six touchscreens for cockpit displays, an autopilot plus the usual assortment of yokes, pedals, and throttles/flaps/spoilers.


Thanks in advance,



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Wow, impressive !

Very very well done Xela

i7-4790K @4400 on Gigabyte Z97X (16gb), GeForce GTX 970 OC, Corsair Spec case

Win7 Ult(64) on Samsung850 SSD(256), FSX+Accell on Samsung850 SSD(256), Track IR5

Saitek yoke/rudder radio/multi/switch panels, Logitech G13, GMap on Samsung tab

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