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Switch and Multi display panel problems

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ok, where do I begin..


I have installed and was running fine the multil switch panel and the Multi display panel..


I installed the Saitek X52 system and now they dont work...sounds like a simple solution...unintstall the X52 and see

if the two panels function again...they don't..

I have uninstalled the panels...rebooted, x52, rebooted, the Yoke rebooted....everything...see what the system finds, it saw everything but the X52 system....but still no panels.....updated all drivers from their source websites..

I have swapped around the USB plugs and devices to see if its an Interrupt issue...no joy


All diagnostics report the that panels are working properly..


During the boot sequence, the panel lights up...then go back out again...None of the switchs on either panel work..


every once in awhile the puter "pings" the display panel...it lights up ...then off again...


any ideas ???

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A little surprise there's no reply yet...

Strange that after reinstalled and updated it still no connection.

I suspect you are using the Saitek software for your panels.

Did you try using SPAD for your panels instead ? Work very well for many of us.

It is normal that multi and radio panels "flashes" while system boot up.

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Saitek yoke/rudder radio/multi/switch panels, Logitech G13, GMap on Samsung tab

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Since I have got windows 10, the panels do not work, something to do with Win10 power management.

There is a YouTube video talking about this but it requires mr playing around with config files and I am not confident to do that yet.


Thanks for tips

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I've the X52 Pro and never been able to get the MFD working in Win10 even though there is a utube vid seemingly demonstrating it and I've tried the configs exactly. I've tried all the forums for all the ideas but to no avail. I had hoped owners Logitech may have updated suitable drivers but that doesn't seem to be the case.
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