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En Route Weather?


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If this has been covered before, my apologies. I use FSX (Steam) and FS9. Both allow user-defined weather but only for an entire flight. I would really love to be able to 'dial in' en route weather to reflect changes - for example recreating a known and real past flight. Even using 'download real weather' won't work unless the flight plan is in the present day. Any ideas, anyone, please?

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Since there are reportedly issues re: Jeppeson real world weather for FSX & FSX-SE, I went looking for another option. There are, of course, many pay apps available, but with some searching I was able to find mention of something called FSX WX. It is freeware, although certainly worthy of a donation. I am using it with FSX-SE and have had no issues. (website here: http://www.plane-pics.de/fsxwx/home.htm) Yes, it is realtime, but it also has a "history" feature that allows you to select date/time. I have not used that feature, but perhaps it will give you what you want.


There are several youtube videos about the app that may also help you:

Just do a search for fsxwx tutorial.


As I mentioned, I am not familiar with the "history" feature so it may or may not "take you back" to the date/time you want. Then, again, perhaps it will "take you back to the future". Hope this helps.

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