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FSX running out of memory


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My FSX keeps running out of memory. I was able to fly one flight after I installed it and now I cannot complete a flight. I have a few reskins but I do not think that would effect it. I have FSX Gold Edition and I am on Windows 10. I have an i7-4790 processor and a GTX 1070 graphics card with 32gb of ram. It is starting to get really disheartening not being able to complete a flight. Please help.

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Reskins, AKA Repaints, AKA Liveries CAN EFFECT your memory.


I have a QualityWings 787 and I installed a livery that had a total folder size of 401gb! The author was describing it as a 32bit, 4K masterpiece. I kept running out of memory (OOM) every time I loaded that particular livery.


Most of the other's were about 1/4 the size.


I ran his textures through DXTbmp and converted/reduced them in size and it no longer causes my FSX Gold Edition to OOM.

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Are you sure that this is related to a OOM issue and not something else.


What actually happens -


Is there a 'regularity' to it - i.e. does it happen after a set period of time (say always after 30-40 mins)or it is random (say sometimes only after 10 mins whilst at other times it may be much longer).


Does the flight simply 'freeze', either with or without sound, or does it exit to desktop?


What errors messages, if any, do you get?


Do you make a lot of cockpit switch selections or click on the menu system extensively during the flight - these actions can also cause issues that may not directly cause or be related to an OOM.


The more details you give the more likely you will a resolution to the problem......




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