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To Tom Gibson


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Hi Tom,


I've gone full circle so to speak, many years ago I was on and used Cal Classics, I went from there and started moving forward in time and flying the jets.

any way moving on again I went on the FSX, again flying mainly modern jets, I will admit I always liked the classic prop liners and I had a few flying.

I changed my mood again and decided to go back to the classic props and wanted my FSX like I had FS9 when I had CalClassics installed.


So what did I do, I went on your site and downloaded the AI aircraft plus the flight plans needed. I made a folder in the SimObjects just for the Classic aircraft, I converted the flight plans to FSX then went in the sim, and there they were, the old prop liners lined up at the gates and parked on the tarmac.

Also I de-activated my modern jet flight plans so they didn't show, I made a few plans of my own using some of my repainted classic aircraft as well.

I know this is FSX related but I wanted you see and thank you for your great website.



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