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Dear Mr John Loney

casey jones

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I hear that you will create a airport, my request is Fairmount Army Air Field, Nebraska, this base was a B-24 and B-29 UTB to

train aircrews enroute to ETO and PTO in WWII. FS9 shows it with one runway and that's all. There are many pictures of

Fairmount AAF from 1942 to 1945, they can be found on the Internet, The nearby population have preserved the base as

it was during WWII I think this is great!. I would like to fly my B-24D Liberator "Suzy Q" to the base and call it "Suzy Q's"

home. "Suzy Q" was one of the B-24D Liberators that led the low-level mission to Ploesti 1 August 1943.


Thank You



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Unfortunately. Mr. John Loney a great talent will be missed. for the scenery downloaders, Mr. Loney has retired from the this venture. He was the person who put Dover AFB Delaware on the map. I am a volunteer at the Dover AMC museum and John kindly gave us a number 1 look at most of the Aircraft we have outside. I miss his talent as he also put my airfield on the map also. Thanks John for all you have done.



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Does anyone know what happened to Mr Loney's object libraries, I'm looking for Loney's ez_scenery.zip


Is this what you need? In the library here:


FS2004 (ACOF) - FS2004 Scenery Objects

FS2004 EZ Scenery Librarys EXE

[ Download | View ]


Name: ez_1.zip

Size: 162,750,374 Date: 04-18-2010 Downloads: 32,321


FS2004 EZ Scenery Librarys EXE. Tired of dowloading scenery that's great, just to find out you need ten EZ Scenery objects to make the scenery work? Those days are gone. Here is the complete library in a easy to use execute file. All libraries are included; nothing to look for they are all here as of March 2010. Included files: EZ Scenery Libraries=All; Woodys Objects=All; Flags=All; Fly Tampa Statics=All; Rails=All; Jetways=All; plus dozens more, you need nothing--all inclusive package. Package by David Grindele.

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Maybe I already have the a aforementioned ez1 zip but apparently it does not contain the loney's library

everything else showed up for the scenery I am working with Groton New London airport. Many buildings are missing. your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thanks Dick Maynard

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I don't think he ever released that file anywhere else but his own web site.


It might have the same objects found in his loneys_hangers_and_buildings1.zip file - you might want to try loading that if you don't have it already.




Hope this helps,

Tom Gibson


CalClassic Propliner Page: http://www.calclassic.com

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