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FP (GPS) Nav1 Hold


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Got few vintage aircraft a real pleasure to fly. Also the Autopilot (see picture) is great. Only one issue:

When flying the flight plan in my DC4 the NAV1 GPS hold nicely reacts to the direction but does not in DC7 and Connie (same AP)


In brief when AP engaged with HDG and ALT holds, ATC tells me to resume own navigation. I select GPS in NAV1 then select NAV in AP and DC4 nicely turns and follows the FP Path.

But when doing the same, in Connie or DC7, I cannot turn the NAV on in AP (does not light up)? I have matched the aircraft configuration file [autopilot] settings with DC4, also the [pitot_static] vertical_speed_time_constants are the same in all aircraft (15) but no luck. DC7 or Connie do not follow the Plan. Need to adjust the heading hold or fly manually to follow it.


Is there any other setting in aircraft.cfg to enable GPS NAV hold? (PS this just relates to Flight Plan GPS hold, the approach holds work OK in all aircraft)


Any advice much appreciated



Autopilot (2).jpg

Peter Bendl

ex. British Airways

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