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Panels etc for P3D V4 windows 10


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Some advice requires from folk with far more knowledge than myself.


I recently decided to jump back into the flight sim arena after about 5 years away. Instead of dragging out my old FSX I decided to jump straight in and buy P3D 4 Pro and Xplane 11. (never one to muck around)


Now about a week in with a new Acer Predator pc and windows 10 operating system I feel its about time to get some panels etc to go with my old Saitek flight controls.


Having looked around briefly and reading forums I am at a loss as to what panels to buy that will work with P3D V4 which is currently my preferred platform. After my brief read it seems that there is no defined answer about what hardware will 100% work with my P3D, or am I incorrect.


Personally I have no allegiances to any hardware manufacturer and will use the one that works with the least amount of effort required to install and setup.


Any advice is welcomed as I dont have a clue where to turn but feel some panels will certainly help out for a more interactive experience. Thanks in advance.

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I don't have an answer for you, but though it's not clear from your post, are you referring to physical panels, rather than the 2D "panels" that used to be common in FSX and before? Perhaps that clarification would let someone else provide you with an answer.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

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I just jumped back in too. My old saitek panels didn't work, however I then purchased SPADnext which solved the issue straight away. I understand Saitek is in no rush to update their drivers for P3D but SPAD sorts it!

P3D v4.1 and Aerofly FS2

1080Ti etc

Occulus Rift

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