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LWM = Land Water Mask question


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Hi all ye LWM experts,


I'm taking the Liberty island in New York as an example here only, because my problem is visible in many other coastal sceneries as well.


I've had this new island scenery, which includes the statue of Liberty, as an addon for years and the problem I have is that waves are breaking across large parts of the island, instead of only around it's new shores. Most probably caused by some part of the original native HP928170.bgl file situated under this scenery and which is smaller than the new satellite based ground scenery, which now covers it. I'm definitely not hampered by any specific knowledge on this subject so I'm assuming here that waves only break based on the smaller native LWM island contours, possibly even on the contents of the HL version of the above named file.


I have the LWM-viewer program via which I can find and see the size of the smaller original native island but have (as yet) no way of editing the HP928170.bgl so that it's shores co-incide with the new ones. I've dis-assembled this HP928170.bgl file but am then confronted with many pages of (probably Scasm) coding in which I cannot recognize anything at all.


Can any of you please advise me on a preferably simple program or method, via which I can actually edit the contours of the original island in the HP928170.bgl file.


I thank you in advance for any trouble taken.



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You can use SBuilder to exclude shorelines in that square (which cause the waves) and then rebuild the shorelines yourself in that excluded square.


And no need to edit the HP file - SBuilder's files will have priority if you place the resulting BGL file(s) into a higher scenery layer.

Tom Gibson


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SBuilder is not intuitive to use. There used to be some great tutorials for SBuilder, not sure where to find them now.


You might try contacting Jon in the ADE forum at FSDeveloper.com and see if he still has them. He did at one time.



the Bean

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Thanks guys for your suggestions but the usage of this program is/was so unusual that I needed to ask a FS friend to make the necessary delete BGL for me and to then explain step by step exactly how he did it. This gave me enough insight into the program to make the same and working exclude BGL myself. I now have enough insight into the basic usage of SBuilder that I have become able to make a working water mask to cover some LC land found elsewhere in a harbour.


Thanks again for putting my nose in the correct direction.



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