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Course deviation indicator 737-800


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The VOR/LOC course deviation bar will not move to the selected course heading in HSI of the 737-800. The HSI heading always stays aligned with the aircraft's heading. This makes intercepting the LOC difficult. Is there a fix for this problem?
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If you are intercepting the localizer, then that is normal. The NAV receiver, when tuned to ILS/LOC frequencies behaves differently than it does on a VOR, so the OBS has no effect whatsoever. If you have the approach plate for that ILS/LOC then you know the course (it will normally be close to that of the runway heading), so that should give you the intercept heading (probably 30º or so relative). If the needle is not centered then it's telling you that you are to the side it's pointing to (assuming you're within 90º of course heading). It only deflects a few degrees (each dot under the needle represents 0.5º deflection in LOC mode, 2º in VOR mode -- it's 4 times as sensitive), so you have to be fairly close to the desired course to have other than full deflection.


Larry N.

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