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Controls and their difficulties


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I've been flight simming for only a few weeks so my problems are basic. The biggest difficulty I have at the moment is setting up a series of views so that I can click and switch from one view to the next effortlessly. I haven't been able to achieve that, so I frequently find myself trying to view a runway while on the downwind and can't either pan to the side or switch to an outside spot view. But, sometimes it works. There seems to be neither order or logic in the way the views work or don't work. Is there a tutorial on how to set up and change views effortlessly?


In an attempt to overcome the problem I purchased and downloaded EZCam. It installed OK and now the problem is that there are so many options, that control of views has become more complex. Sometimes they work and often they don't. The explanations are minimal and unclear and the Help video is in Russian. I would like to have a 'saved' setup of views that I can load onto any free flight or mission. I've tried saving a couple that I thought I could work with, but the next flight the settings I saved have changed and I need to figure it all out again. Is there a tutorial on how to use EZCam?


I want to be able to click and view the instrument panel, the switches (deicing and lights switches are beneath the yoke in the Cessna so are difficult to see and get at).


The underlying problem is that there are so many options, which in itself not a bad thing, that to arrive at a configuration that meets your needs is difficult, and to compound the difficulty, the configuration needs to be set up for each flight.


Any advice welcomed.

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Try this link. It is in english. I do not have this program, but it looks pretty simple if you keep it simple. He lays out the directions for the C172. Seems like if you follow these directions you should have success. Do one plane at a time.

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I got a 2nd monitor (almost any spare monitor will do) and placed it on the left side at right angles to the main monitor. Then I added a New View of the virtual cockpit to the spare and panned to the left window and zoomed out a bit. Now you can glance to your left at the runway as you pass downwind looking for the numbers and the 45 angle. No messing with .cfg or adding software.
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