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  1. Thank you guys for responding to my question which was not very well put. Since, I have found the answer myself from watching U-Tube videos. There are "Hold Approaches" and I must learn more about them. Also ChatGBT is an excellent resource. Thanks again.
  2. I am learning to navigate with the G-500. When I select an RNAV approach to a runway then select an IAF transition I am placed into a hold before reaching the IAF. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for helping.
  3. I want to assign functions to a rocker switch on my CH Eclipse yoke. So, when I press to the left I want to look full left and when I release the button it will return to the front custom view (the seat height, back and forward etc all set) and conversely when I push the rocker button to the right it will look full right and when I release, the view will return to the custom front view. I can look around now with my hat switch but then have to fiddle with it to get it back to my front original custom view . When I have to do all that I lose situational awareness—and patience. I hope I’ve expressed myself clearly.
  4. I was looking at the FSX G-1000 tutorial and the image of the PFD.
  5. At the end of the NAV1 bar are the letters: "PAE. At the end of the NAV2 bar are the letters: "Sea". What do they mean?
  6. Thank you for your replies, much appreciated.
  7. Mine won't roll to a stop after landing. You gotta use the brakes which is fine, I guess. I forgot if that is so in the real Cessna 172. On the one occasion I flew the real plane, while taxiing back to the ramp, I was wiggling back and forth and my CFI asked me what's up. Oops, I had got used to steering with my toe brakes on the sim. Also in the sim I look mostly at the instruments and not the horizon. I guess when transitioning from sim to the real plane you have to unlearn some bad habits.
  8. Okay, thanks. Just seems odd that when idling my plane keeps taxiing.
  9. Sorry to be a bother but my Cessna 172 idle rpm is 680. What should it be and how to get it? Thank you.
  10. During a pause in flying FSX I updated my MS2020 and for the heck of it and tried my older Saitek Trim Wheel, again, the major turn-off for not flying STEAM MS2020 and it worked beautifully--first time ever. As my philosophy to FlightSim is, "Ours is not to reason why, but just to do and fly", I now soldier on trying to decide whether or not to upgrade my subscription to get the steam gages on the Cessna 172, the second major turn-off. With steam gages, a glance is all I need for information; with the glass cockpit I need to squint and search for the tiny numbers and then try to regain my situational awareness when I look back up. Now I have to go back to the previous posts to find out if I should upgrade in the store here or some other way. I value ease of transition over the money actually. Seems every change leads to many time consuming and frustrating problems. Many thanks to those here who ask questions and for those who patiently answer them.
  11. I'm not sure what you mean by "user list" or how to find it. Long term enthusiasm and passion on any subject should be highly regarded especially if the person wants to share it. My enthusiasm and passion for flight sim is periodic as I have too many other things I love to do but I'm sure my posts will show both the passion and periodicity. For every post I make I have a dozen more questions that I refrain from posting for fear of being a bore or too lazy to look for answers myself, not to say appearing to be hopeless. Age should not be a concern for those who do FSX and I would not presume to tell you mine; however, I was in the Civil Air Patrol at 13 years old when the first Cessna 172 rolled off the production line. We flew L-16s out of PVD with no radios and with WWII pilots who wanted to continue flying but did not have the funds to do so. Most let me fly the airplane when we were in a safe place.
  12. Mr. Zippy: Negative A2A C-172, the FSX Skyhawk. Phrog: The odometer thingy under the tach. In real life you can never reset the time-tach but I was thinking maybe you can on FSX.
  13. Can tach time on the fsx tachometer be reset?
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