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Hello everyone:

Thanks for the excellent comments and support for the 'newcomers'.

I recently achieved a personal goal... take of from base airport, navigate to a target airport, land and return complete the trip by landing at the base airport using simple VOR and NDB navigation. I understand and able to follow VOR and/or NDB navigation protocols. However, I have trouble understanding/following victor airways, intersections..etc -how does one follow them, incorporate them into flight plan.. the fine navigation details. Can someone point me to a comprehensive review/tutorial of airways navigation. There are many youtube posts on VOR navigation but not on these detailed topics.

Thanks again in advance.


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Very quickly, a Victor airway is generally defined by a series of radials from VORs. You can see them defined on sectional charts and on the low altitude IFR charts. If you have a sectional chart, you can look at the legend to see where it's defined (an Xº radial FROM a VOR, along a line labeled Vxx). An intersection is usually where two of these meet, usually with crossing arrows, or it may be one meeting with a localizer or NDB.


This is the simplified version. You can also search Wikipedia for Victor airway, or such, for more information. You can also look at faa.gov where they have lots of good stuff, including the AIM (Aeronautical Information Manual), a PDF file, where 5-3-4 shows airways. The Table of Contents starts on p.21.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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