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ATR virtual cockpit functionality


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Oohhh, it's a long time since I was last here.


Anyway, the bones of the question: how much of the virtual cockpit in Flight1's ATR is functional?




And the waffle to go with it, so you may be able to give a more detailed answer...


I have a Windows 10 PC now (I don't like it...) and now that I have my FS9 installed on it, I'm looking for a good alternative to the uninstallable Captain Sim C-130, which had almost full functionality in the VC.


Flight1's ATR gets consistently good reviews, but none of them seem to describe the VC in any detail beyond its obvious visual appeal.


I've used Flight1's C441 for years as an Air Hauler workhorse but it's always been rather disappointing as I customarily fly from the VC. F1's description of the VC starts with, 'The virtual cockpit of the 441 includes exquisite detail with full working gauges, switches, and moving parts'. It's true that it has switches but most of them don't even move. The gauges I can't fault (at least since I made some substitutions) but unlike my late, lamented, XP-only C-130, it's not flyable without 2d panels and keyboard shortcuts and the C441 graphics are very dated. It was possible to fly the C-130 entirely from the VC, using only mouse and joystick (though admittedly the constant panning around such a big cockpit was enough of a nuisance for me to use keyboard and popups). My AH company was on the verge of buying one when the old PC died.


So, where does the ATR's VC stand in terms of operability? Somewhere between the C441 and C-130 I'd guess, but closer to one than the other?


Alternatively, does anyone have a working GeForce 7950GT AGP card for sale... ?


Merry Christmas to you all,


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Merry Christmas defaid,

Have you browsed through the Flight1 ATR Technical Support forum? http://atr.flight1.net/forums/atr-discussion-forums_forums_cat1.html

From memory, most of the ATR's gauges and switches were operable in XP/Vista/Win7/Win8, but Flight1 don't support the ATR in Win10 so it's pot luck unfortunately.

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Thanks for the info Tim. I suppose the problems with Win 10 stem from some gauges being written in obsolete code (or Microsoft not ensuring full backward compatibility...), the problem I'm currently experiencing with the C441.


I think I'll save my money for now and have a look at Vladimir Zhyhulskiy's An12. If that doesn't work, I may give the ATR a go after all.



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