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estate sale of flight simulator


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My friend passed away in Sept. I am his PR. He built this simulator and enjoyed it. I would rather sell it. to someone who will use it than to have it parted out for gaming. Tell me if I have any options. He was a 30 year computer programer.


Thanks for the help,




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I am sorry for your loss, Man I wish I could afford that, I just been emailing Volair sim for info on their setup but sadly I can not afford it for about another year as I pay off the Wood Shop tools I bought this year, but that is exactly what I hope to get someday. I hope you find it a good home.
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Where is it located? What are the specs? Idea of price? This info could help your sales effort.


I AGREE 100%!! What's under the hood? I can't imagine it won't move if it's designed as well to operate as it appears.


STUPID QUESTION: We'd be able to understand the product better if we saw something besides a screen saver one only one monitor. CAN SOMEONE FIRE THE SIMULATOR UP AND TAKE A PICTURE INCLUDING WHAT THE ADD-ON DEVICES LOOK LIKE WHILE FUNCTIONING??


Good Luck!



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