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ILS Failure in default 737 fsx

Guest Strio

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I was just trying out ILS approaches when like about 24 miles away from EGGW. I have my altitude set to 3,000 ft. with the GPS switch turned on with the VOR LOC. I also did change the NAV 1 frequency to 109.15 since I want to land on runway 26. Then here comes the part where I get frustrated, I open up my GPS, I click proc, then select approach, then I click ILS 26 and then vectors then I activate it. Then it would show this Capture.PNGCapture.PNG. Did I manage to turn on autopilot to early?
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Some things wrng.


It looks like you set up an approach to the departure airport.


Also, to use the gps approaches to get to an airport, you do not select vectors.

Selecting vectors means you will follow guidance from tower (vectors=headings) and land yourself, manually, or with ILS.

Theonly ting the gs then adds is the goaround path.


To use gps approach you select one, not vectors. That gives you an approach that the Autopilot can follow. You will need to manage the altitudes yourself manually.


For all that, the Nav/GPS switch is set to GPS.


For an ILS you set the Nav/GPS switch to Nav, and press "App" when on localiser.

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