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Landing light


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The "light splash" on the ground is in an aircraft's model. Models can't be changed or added.

So adding a light splash is not possible.


A .bmp file is needed to show it as white. Bmp files can be changed. But not this one. This file is generated by FS2004.exe

If you delete or change the file. It just gets overwritten. With what it should be to show the light splash.


A2A Shockwave Redux (payware) does not change the light splash either.

It adds effects.

Same type as nav lights and wingtip lights and such which don't show a lightsplash on the ground.


The only difference is that the nav, wingtip, etc lights that A@A Shockwave Redux adds are brighter.

And that also adds landing light effects that show a "light shining in fog effect"

Like a vague mist, lit up.

But no light splash on the ground.

It does have effects that can give a light splash on the aircraft's tail I think.

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ok. I think it is called spotlight.bmp in the texture folder.


here is the link. It is the texture that is displayed on the ground for all landing lights regardless of the aircraft. the one i use right now is designed for the ifly 737, but it shows on all other aircraft too.

It is the universal bmp file for all aircraft landing and taxi lights

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